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Learn Quran Online with Tajweed

Do you want to Learn Quran Online by a qualified and affordable teacher?

About Our Teachers

Alhamdulillah, We Are Based In Hyderabad, India.

        • Our Team Graduates of 8-years Aalim course, especially have in ijazah in tajweed and Memorization / Hifdh of Quran.
        • Proficient in the use of computers.
        • Quran teaching experience (Kids/Adults).
        • Available to teach (24/7)
        • Has excellent social skills and strong work ethics, professional, passionate about teaching, patient, focused, knowledgeable & can work with minimal supervision.

Online education has many benefits. Nowadays going to an Islamic school is expensive plus far away for some people. Many of us don’t live close enough to a school or Masjid, some of us have to travel very far to go to school. Going to a Madrassa has its benefits but online Quran education has a better outlook, i.e. you can learn and study in the luxury of your own home, there’s no stress of a classroom, learn at your own pace and if you have a laptop and internet connection you can take your classes anywhere.

Another benefit of using online tutoring is that many of the older generations like parents weren’t able to have access to this type of technology until now. There are some parents out there who didn’t have Quran learning opportunities due to having kids or a tight work schedule, where going to campus can’t accommodate that so, therefore, learn Quran with the online teachers is the way to go.
Some of us struggle with paying attention in a group class. While being in your own home with the benefit of one-on-one classes, you can learn at your own pace.